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Personal training is your very own GPS to your fitness destination.

What is the destination? Well maybe you want to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, increase energy levels, improve current health, reduce stress, be more active or look good in a pair of speedos.

A personal trainer creates a tailor made plan for you according to your goals.

Who we are

Rick Bhullar Fitness are the weight loss specialists who have already helped hundreds of clients in the UAE transform their lives.

We pride ourselves on being professional, personable and passionate about what we do.

We offer services in personal training, pre and post natal, yoga and fitness boot camps.

Why us?

The bottom line is, you hire a personal trainer because you want results!

We pride ourselves on being a results focused program, with over a hundred 5* reviews to prove it.

Not only do our programs include the most effective fat burning workouts but we also include our complete nutrition system with all of our packages.

Our weight loss system has proven to be the most successful and effective program available.

Don't just take our word for it, check out just some of our clients below;

"I must say so far my experience has been wonderful. Roberta is very professional. Not only has she me lose weight, she is also extremely sweet, helpful, very motivational and understands my medical condition. I message her with my queries all the time and she is always there to help me out. I really look forward to our sessions.

I think she is doing an amazing job."

Maria Asif

Current weight loss - 60lbs

"I wanted to tone up a bit after having 2 kids and wanted some guidance on what to do in the gym! I was really surprised (and encouraged) by how quickly I could feel and see results, how energised I felt and how much I got into it and looked forward to the sessions!

I would highly recommend PT sessions with Rick. He’s easy going but gets the job done and makes sessions fun"

Selina Schoeman

28 Day Results -13.2lbs   -4.6% bodyfat

**Post Natal sessions with Roberta**
What can I say..... I’ve absolutely loved my PT sessions with the wonderful Roberta. We work out around my little 6 month old. I put on so much weight whilst pregnant and needed someone that specialised in my C section recovery. She has given me back my mojo and I’ve lost 5kg so far and 10.5 inches off my body and I feel 100% better. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you for helping me on my journey of getting back into shape! If your sat there reading this and thinking hmmm should I try this.... just do it! Roberta is amazing!

Paula Allison

If anyone is looking for a Personal Trainer or fitness boot camp in Dubai whether you’re a beginner or of a high fitness level already looking to gain further knowledge Rick is your guy. I’ve just finished 2 blocks of PT sessions with him over the last few months and I’ve learnt so much from him. 
He encourages, motivates and challenges you and doesn’t let you get away with working any less than 100% every session. He’s a such a nice guy too and feels like you’re just working out with your mate. Can’t recommend him enough!

Kathryn Megan Lowe




Hear what our clients have to say



Designed for your goals in mind


Breaking long term goals down to weekly goals ensuring we are hitting our targets


Making the necessary adjustments to you can maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle


Full access to our members area which includes home workouts/nutritional videos/recipes and advanced guides


From squating technique to dining out with friends. We give you the tools to feel more confident to be able to maintain your lifestyle


Proven to be one of the most successful systems available


Allowing us to make adjustments along the way to ensure your results


We're with you 100% of the way. Any questions, we're there to help.


We all lose our mojo at some point, we're there to keep you motivated and on track to achieving those goals


That's what you're here for!


All packages are subject to an additional 5% for VAT

Refund and Cancellation Policy


3x session package

750 aed 

5x session package

1250 aed 

10x session package

2000 aed 

Please note session timings are subject to availability

Client can choose from Personal Training, Pre & Post Natal & Yoga.

Consultation & Body Diagnostics not included with Yoga.

Packages are valid for up to 6 months.

If timings are not available and we cannot offer a solution, a full refund will be available.

Give your loved ones the gift of fitness this Christmas.

Help kickstart your loved ones on their fitness journey with our 1 on 1 personal training packages.

We are offering 3, 5 or 10 session packages with our expert trainers.


These packages are perfect for those who want some guidance, want to learn new techniques or want to fine tune their current plan.


Not only are we offering you smaller packages to gift to your loved ones, we are also offering them at a huge discounted rate.



1 on 1


Based on 3x per week


Pre & Post Natal / Yoga

2x per week / 8x Sessions    - 2400 aed 

3x per week / 12x Sessions  - 3600 aed

4x per week / 16x Sessions  - 4800 aed

2 on 1 - 2400 aed pp / 4800 aed

3 on 1 - 2100 aed pp / 6300 aed

4 on 1 - 1800 aed pp / 6000 aed

2x per week / 8x Sessions    - 2400 aed

3x per week / 12x Sessions  - 3600 aed

4x per week / 16x Sessions  - 4800 aed

Prefer to train in a gym?

Train in our partner gym at the Ghaya Grand Hotel, IMPZ for as little as 30 aed per session


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