The challenge starts Sunday 8th September 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the challenge?​

The Dubai Fit Challenge is a weight loss system designed to get you active,

improve your fitness levels and improve your nutritional habits.

What do you get?
Nutrition, Workouts and daily email support! You get unlimited access to our Dubai Fit Boot Camp sessions for 6 weeks. Your workouts will consist of 4 workouts per week and hitting a daily step goal.

You receive our easy to follow meal plan (optional vegetarian plan) and a home workout guide.

We will also add you to our private facebook group with your fellow challengers, which will give you added support on your journey.

How much can you lose?​

Well everyone is different and results are dependent on where you are currently. The more fat you have to lose, the more you can lose. Depending on your body type, results will vary; one client lost 17lbs in just 21 days! We recommend a fat loss of 1-2lbs per week. This is the safest amount for your body to lose, to ensure we are losing fat and not taking our hard earned muscle. 

But what if I want to lose more?
Remember fat loss is a marathon and not a sprint. You can follow the next big "fad diet" and lose 10 lbs in as many days, but you can guarantee you will put that weight straight back on and plus some! Fad/extreme dieting tends to burn muscle, retain fat, dehydrate your body of water and crash your metabolism. The best way to describe it is like a boxer cutting weight for a competition. They dehydrate themselves to make their goal weight for a fight, but as soon as they eat normally, they pile that weight back on.Because fad dieting produces temporary results, but the long term damage you do to your metabolism can take months and even years to undo.

What do we do in Boot Camp?​

Our Boot Camps are designed for fat loss, get you lean and get your fitness levels through the roof! We use several different training techniques to get you optimal results, but our main focus is High Intensity Interval Training. This type of training involves maximum effort for a short burst, with a set rest period. This will get your heart rate up while burning more fat in less time! We focus on functional bodyweight movements which will get you faster, more agile, increase fitness levels and prevent/eliminate injuries. Technique is extremely important to us, so be assured, after training with us you will confident and comfortable will all exercises!

What if I'm a beginner?​

This is the number one fear of participants in our boot camps. Everyone at some point was a beginner, even olympic gold medalists.

I assure you our boot camps are designed to accommodate everyone of all fitness levels. When we demonstrate an exercise we will give you 3 options; beginners/intermediate/advanced version. It's entirely up to each boot camper which level they will choose. We are not there to compete with anyone else but to improve our own fitness levels. We are there to help motivate, encourage and help you on the way.I pride myself on our boot camps being fun, positive and creating a community amongst our group. We have fun in boot camp, we encourage each other and we sweat...and boy do we sweat!Your body will change with the hard work you put in, training in a group environment is extremely motivating and we'll guarantee you'll love it!

We ask you get clearance from your doctor to participate in our program. This is to ensure your health and safety during this program. Those with injuries or other health issues, it's important to seek advice from your doctor to understand any restrictions you may have while exercising. Those with injuries, it's important we avoid any exercises that aggrevate that injury. It's important that you always communicate with your instructor and they will give you alternative exercises.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or within one year of giving birth, you require specialised exercise program. Please contact us for advice before participation in our program.


What's the difference between Boot Camp and the Challenge?

​The challenge involves attending the boot camp while following our nutrition system. 
Those who only want to do the workouts, can purchase separate passes just for the boot camp.

However we do encourage everyone to start with the challenge as it will give you all the tools you need in order to continue to get results.

How do I join?

​You can join the challenge via the link above.You need to purchase your pass and then register for the session you will be attending. Please note, we have limited places and work on a first come first serve basis. As soon as registration is full, you will no longer be able to purchase a pass. So if you are able to, then we still have some places remaining.

Can I attend any session?

We try to allow as much flexibility as possible with our memberships by allowing you to attend different time slots. However this isn't always possible dependant on capacity. So if you would like to attend a different time slot, it's important that you contact us first and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Payment Options

We have 3 options for payment.

1. Online via paypal (please note payment will be converted to USD)

2. Bank transfer

3. Cash

Please note that payment must be made in advance to secure your place.

If you wish to pay via bank transfer, please scroll below for details.

Is there VAT?

Yes, 5% VAT is added to each pass as required by law.


After the challenge
After the Challenge, we will invite you to become a member on our long term program. This includes a ton more benefits with an advanced nutrition system to give you even better results. You get access to our complete video library which include home workouts to follow, recipes etc
A gym offers you access to their equipment and after're on your own.
We offer you far more, a full nutrition system, done-for-you workouts, support, encouragement and a sense of community! We take the guessing out of fitness and we'll help get you the results you want!

Any Questions?

Contact us here


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Passes need to be purchased in advance to secure your place.

Option 2:

Bank Transfer

Company Name: Rick Bhullar Fitness FZE
Bank: Rak Bank
IBAN: AE640400000552471306002
Account Number: 05524 7130 6002
Branch: Al Quoz Mall Branch
Swift Code: NRAKAEAK 

Please add your name to the reference.

As bank transfer takes a few days to clear, please send us a screenshot of your payment once it's made at

Option 3:

Alternatively you can pay by cash by dropping it into one of our sessions.
Please note payment must be made in advance before Sunday as we only have limited places available.

We can only secure places of those who have made advance payment.

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