Sunday 8th March 2020

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my name is Rick Bhullar and I'm a fitness and weight loss coach here in Dubai.

I've helped thousands of people just like you, lose fat, build muscle and get fit.

With the recent closure of all major services in the UAE, I have launched our online follow along workouts.
So you can get and stay fit in the comfort of your own home.

Sessions are 30 min high intensity workouts adapted for all levels.




Attend our Dubai Fit Boot Camp sessions designed to annihilate fat


Fill two sandwich bags with a scoop of whey protein powder and store it in your shaker.
Mix one scoop with either water or almond milk.

Have one shake mid morning (between breakfast and lunch)
Have the second mid afternoon (between lunch and dinner)

Whey Protein Shake

3 sessions for 149 aed

Introductory Offer

Purchase 3 Dubai Fit Yoga sessions for only 149 aed (worth 270 aed).

One purchase per person.
Valid for 4 weeks.

Top Tips

Batch Cook

Make large portions of each meal, then you have meals ready to go and stops you from binging

Preparation is the key to success

Plan your meals, cook in bulk and half your lunch ready the night before

Dark Leafy Greens

Include 3-4 portions of dark leafy green vegetables (such as Kale & Spinach) into your day

Water with Every Meal

Drink 2 glasses of water with every meal. Stops you from overeating and helps you shed the pounds

Every Meal Protein Dominant

Focus your meals around a protein source.

Not eating enough protein will cause your body to burn muscle for fuel instead of fat.