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Suitable for vegetarians.

***Most meals can be adjusted for vegetarians by trading meat sources for tofu/halloumi or even quorn products. Our goal is to match the protein content you are replacing of each meal.


Alternate breakfast options


Scrambled Eggs and Spinach

Protein bread toast and peanut butter

  • Modern Bakery Protein Bread

  • Whole Earth Peanut butter

  • Toast 2 slices of protein bread

  • Add a generous amount of natural peanut butter


Easy breakfast to grab and go.
Takes 2 minutes and ensures you start the day right.

Opt for crunchy over smooth peanut butter

Blueberry Overnight Oats

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.22.43
  • 200grams Fage Greek Yogurt

  • 50 grams Oats

  • 30 grams blueberries

  • 100 ml almond milk/low fat milk

  • Teaspoon of honey for taste

  • Mix ingredients together and store in fridge overnight to thicken.

  • Or ready to eat straight away.


Increase protein by adding 1 scoop of your favourite flavour whey protein.

Add almonds and walnuts to increase healthy fats


Shredded Wheat Cereal 

with protein shake

  • Shredded wheat is high in fibre and low in sugar and ranks number 1 in healthiest cereals. Similar cereals such as bran flakes, all bran and weetabix are also options but just keep an eye on the sugar content.


If you opt for this cereal, I would recommend having it with a protein shake to ensure you meet your protein goals for the day.

Add blueberries for sweetness.

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Alternate lunch options


Grilled chilli lime chicken fajita salad

Honey mustard chicken avocado and bacon salad

Chicken and feta cheese salad

Grilled steak salad

Vegetarian bean salad

with avocado dressing

Chicken Avocado Soup

Alternate dinner options


Salmon Teriyaki

Hasselback Chicken

Shrimp Asparagus Stir Fry

Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry

Grilled Citrus Salmon with Asparagus

One pan chicken and vegetables

Beef Vegetable skewers

Rainbow Vegetable Chicken

Beef Stuffed Peppers

Snack options

Snack options are here to keep you sane.
Ideally you want to stick to the exact plan outlined, however if you feel you need something to help cravings, then try one of our snack options below. You can add 1 or two snacks in your diet per day.
10 per serving
4 per serving
Macadamia nuts
5 per serving
Brazil nuts
3 per serving
Pecan nuts
15 per serving
10 per serving
Cheese String
1 per serving
Boiled Egg
1-2 medium per serving
Cucumber boats & cream cheese
30 grams of cream cheese per serving
Salami Roll ups with cream cheese
2 slices of Salami
30 grams cream cheese
per serving
Tuna Boat
1/2 can tuna
per serving
Sugar free jello
only 10 calories
per serving (treat yourself)


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